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Natural Shoots at Your Location near Cornwall, Devon & Plymouth

Many photographers are restricted in their abilities and refuse to carry out work outside of their own studio. Unlike them, I have the experience and talent required to capture stunning images in all surroundings inj Plymouth and Devon, not just at my studio in Cornwall. Customers come to me for bespoke location photo shoots that help encapsulate an experience.

Working in All Environments

To hire a location shoot, simply get in touch with me and provide details of your request, such as where you are going, when you are going, and what you will be doing. I will then make the necessary arrangements to visit your location and conduct a unique and bespoke shoot. In the past I have worked in a variety of locations, taking images of hunting parties, walks, hikes, and family days out in the countryside.

Developing an Itinerary

Prior to the day of the shoot I will get in touch to discuss your itinerary. This will include information regarding the time that you are going out, when you are coming back, and whether you require me to stay for the full day or just a portion of it. I will also ask if you require a tailored shoot from specific angles or a more natural experience. Once I have gathered all of the information about the day, we will discuss the end result that you want and the amount of images required, before I provision a tailored quote.

Shoots at Static Locations

For clients that require a shoot to take place in a property or static location, I will bring all of the necessary equipment to provide a bespoke shoot. The service will involve either posed pictures or photos taken naturally throughout the day.

Contact me now to obtain more information regarding my bespoke location photo shoots.

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